Physical Culture, otherwise known as ‘Physi’, is well placed in the hearts of many Australian girls. With most clubs set up in schools or church halls, some of our ladies started Physi when they were young girls, whereas other members started well into adulthood.

Physical Culture is a great way for women to maintain strength and flexibility. Over the course of a year, you master a choreographed routine placed against music. Like Yoga or Pilates, it is important that all parts of the body are worked – there is a focus on position and timing, and for this reason the routine is split into sections:

  • Marching and Deportment
  • Exercises
  • Breathing and Balance (excludes Senior and Ladies sections)
  • Rhythm
  • Floor Drill
  • Lunge Group (excludes Junior section)
  • Dance (excludes Ladies section)

Check out the below YouTube clip to get a better understanding of what Edith Parson’s Physical Culture is all about.

At the end of the year, normally around November, you have the option to compete at Champion Girl or with your fellow club members at Team Competitions.

Concord Wesley Physical Culture Club is one of nine foundation clubs affiliated with the Edith Parson’s School of Physical Culture. Our classes are catered towards girls aged 3 to 16 years and women aged 17 years and above competing in:

  • Junior Age divisions (3 to 16 years);
  • Intermediate / Open Senior;
  • Extended Ladies; or
  • Elementary / First year / Second year / Advanced Ladies sections.

Mrs Shirley Bullock has been involved with the Concord Wesley club since its’ foundation back in 1961. Today the club fosters many past and present champions. Details of winners as well as competition results are found at www.epphysi.com.au.

Concord Wesley Physical Culture Club is run and managed by Mrs Shirley Bullock (right). Also photographed below is Mrs Robynne Seward (centre) who runs the junior classes and Ms Susan Bullock (left) who assists with the ladies classes as well as runs sister club, Sutherland (sutherlandphysi.com.au).

We are always looking for new members to join our club. Physical Culture is a great way to keep in shape whilst meeting new people along the way. It doesn’t matter what your skill level is (or even if this is the first time you have heard about ‘Physi’). We would love to meet you! Please contact us to see what it is all about!